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SudokuPower is your online sudoku resource.

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Solve puzzles by completing the grid so that all rows, columns and boxes contain the digits 1 to 9.

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Apply basic constraints.
Find hidden singles.
Find candidates in row or column that intersect with subsquare.
Find hidden sets (e.g. double, triple) up to sets of 5.
Find naked sets (e.g. double, triple) up to sets of 5.
Find candidates in subsquare that intersect with row or column.
Find x-wing, swordfish, jelly-fish or squirmbag.
Find nishio
Find forced chains.
Guessing and backtracking.
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SudokuPower has an excellent puzzle solver. Click -My Sudoku-, enter your puzzle, click -Show Solution- and find out!

I think you will find an endless supply of puzzles here, at any level you might appreciate.

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